Journalist Sentenced To 2.5 Years Imprisonment


[04:24 pm] 06 June, 2007

June 6 – Court of First Instance of Erebuni and Nubarashen communities
sentenced Gagik Shamshyan, a press photographer of "Aravot" (Morning)
and "Chorord Ishkhanutyun" (Forth Power) newspapers, to 2.5-year

Gagik Shamshyan will note be imprisoned. He will be on two-year
probation. Gagik Shamshyan has been fined 200 000 AMD. The money will
be given to Zohrab Ghazaryan, the injured party.

The judge Alexander Azaryan found the accusation submitted by Zohrab
Ghazaryan warranted. To remind, Shamshyan was accused of money
embezzlement (250 thousand AMD).

Gagik Shamshyan can appeal the verdict at the Appellate Court on
criminal issues within 15 days.

Gagik Shamshyan doesn’t admit his guilt. Nevertheless, he is not
going to quash the verdict.

"I am not afraid that the Appellate Court might change the restraint
-preventive punishment. I am content with court employees’ attitude. I
have participated in many trials and observed judges’ unbiased attitude
towards defendants and witnesses," the press photographer said.

According to Shamshyan, the support of mass media representatives
helped him a lot. "I think both the Prosecutor’s Office and the
Police came to realise that they cannot silence journalists through
intimidation and threats. I shall continue my activities without any
sense of fear," said Shamshyan.

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