Karabakh Will Never Agree To Be Within Azerbaijan


DeFacto Agency, Armenia
June 6 2007

"The first and principal issue is Nagorno-Karabagh’s status. Unless
there is an agreement on this issue, it is useless to discuss other
problems", Nagorno-Karabagh Republic President Arkady Ghoukassian
stated in the course of a briefing held in Yerevan June 5 after a
meeting with OSCE Chair-in-Office Miguel Angel Moratinos.

Answering a question if the problem could be settled so that both
Armenian and Azeri party are satisfied, Arkady Ghoukassian stated,
"First of all I am interested in a decision that will satisfy
Nagorno-Karabagh people. I do not believe I must think of a decision
that will satisfy Azerbaijan. It is Azerbaijani leadership’s matter".

Arkady Ghoukassian reaffirmed the Karabagh party’s principal stand.

"As for our stand, you know it: Nagorno-Karabagh will never agree
to be within Azerbaijan. Nagorno-Karabagh will never deny its
independence. All other issues may be on the agenda, and we are
ready to discuss them. It is our stand, and if Azerbaijan accepts
it, I will be glad. Unless they agree, it is Azerbaijan’s problem",
Nagorno-Karabagh President underscored.

In his words, there is another option – not to settle anything. "To
settle the issue without settling anything; it is another approach,
and some are of the opinion that is the way the situation should
develop. Our approach is the following: it is impossible to get 100
percent of what we wish to get in the negotiation process. It concerns
all the parties – Nagorno-Karabagh, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

On the other hand, we cannot deny talks and should be always ready
for them", Arkady Ghoukassian noted.

According to NKR President, the talks’ limit is infinite, taking into
consideration that there is no alternative to the talks. "I believe
we should all be interested in the rapid settlement of the issue.

Everyone wishes it. I do not think Azerbaijan is not interested in
it. It is another thing that Azerbaijan’s leadership wants to get
everything without conceding anything. If that is Azerbaijan’s stand,
I do not think the issue can be settled in the near future".

Arkady Ghoukassian ruled out possible alternation of NKR’s stand after
NKR new President is elected. "I am sure NKR’s position will not be
changed, as Karabagh’s stand does not depend on separate persons. It is
not the position of Ghoukassian or someone else: I express NKR people’s
position. I have no right to speak on my behalf; I speak on behalf
of the people. I know what the people want. Whoever becomes Karabagh
President, he must take into account the Karabagh people’s opinion".

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