BAKU: Appeals Court Upholds Verdict On Editor


Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan –
June 6 2007

Today Court of Appeals under judge Hamid Hamidov held court hearing
on the application on case of Eynulla Fattulayev, chief editor and
founder of Realniy Azerbaijan and Gundalik Azerbaijan newspapers.

Tatyana Chaladze and prosecutors attended the hearing, APA reports.

Defense lawyer said the court process proved that Eymulla Fatullayev
was not arrested on the accusations of Khojaly IDPs. He said the
defendant’s rights will be recognized by European Court of Human
Rights. "There can not be criminal content in the article entitled
"Karabakh diary". Eynulla Fatullayev has not libeled anyone, he is
to be rehabilitated".

Eynulla Fatullyev said it is not analytic article but special report.

"There is no special opinion. There is no criminal composition in
my action".

The editor said he was taken to National Security Ministry in the
morning on May 29.

According to him he is not given food for nine days and he sleeps in
the iron bed without mattress. He applied court requiring protection
of his rights. The jury retired after hearing the arguments of the
accuser. Then Court announced confirmation of Yasamal District’s
Court verdict.

Eynulla Fatullayev was sentenced to two and a half year in prison
by Yasamal district’s Court on the accusations of Khojaly people. He
faces charges of libel (Article 147).

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