A. Ghoukassian: "We Can’t Bind Our Opinion On Armenia, Azerbaijan Or


Noyan Tapan
Jun 06 2007

YEREVAN, JUNE 6, NOYAN TAPAN. On June 5, OSCE Chairman-in-Office
Miguel Angel Moratinos, Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the
delegation, headed by him, visited Nagorno Karabakh representation in
Armenia where they met with Arkady Ghoukassian, President of Nagorno
Karabakh. At the end of the meeting A.Ghoukassian mentioned in his
interview with journalists that he has introduced the Nagorno Karabakh
position on the conflict settlement to OSCE Chairman-in-Office.

NKR President mentioned that he had arrived in Yerevan at the request
of OSCE Chairman-in-Office for the purpose of meeting him. In his
words, the latter has been to Karabakh only once after which meetings
with NKR President take place in Yerevan due to lack of time. In
A. Ghoukassian’s words, the place of the meeting doesn’t play a great
role, the issues the sides discuss are more important. At the same time
he noted that it would be desirable if OSCE Chairman-in-Office visited
Karabakh, an offer that has been made by Stepanakert for several times.

In response to a journalist’s question, A. Ghoukassian mentioned
that he doesn’t remember a meeting with a representative of the
world community during which the issue of the Karabakh side possible
participation in the negotiations wasn’t discussed. "I’m of the opinion
that Armenia-Azerbaijan format of negotiations is destructural and
illogical, the fate of the Nagorno Karabakh people is under discussion
and it is beyond understanding that NKR doesn’t take an immediate
part in the negotiation process," mentioned NKR President. In
his words, according to the 1994 Budapest Summit resolution,
Minsk group co-chairmen were to negotiate with the three sides of
the conflict. Thus, it can be said that there is no negotiations
process within Minsk group framework: there are just meetings between
Azerbaijani and RA Presidents and Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Touching upon Kocharian-Aliyev meeting to be held one of these
days, Ghoukassian mentioned that it will be a usual meeting and
it is unlikely to be of fatal significance. "The main issue is the
Karabakh status and if we don’t come to an agreement on this matter,
I can’t imagine what optimism can be spoken of," mentioned NKR
President. "Azerbaijan wants to get everything and concede nothing:
if this is Azerbaijan’s position, I don’t see any possibility of the
problem regulation in the nearest future as we aren’t ready to concede
everything getting nothing," he declared. In A. Ghoukassian’s words,
Karabakh will never agree to be in the structure of Azerbaijan and
waive its independence. "We can’t bind our opinion upon Armenia,
Minsk Group or Azerbaijan, but the last word will be ours," assured
NKR President. In his words, the negotiations have no alternative and
it is clear that they are to proceed secretly. But the final outcomes
can’t be kept in secret. "Nobody can bind a decision on us that does
not proceed from our interests," assured Ghoukassian.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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