Sleep Disorder Center To Be Set Up To Treat Patients


May 29 2007

YEREVAN, MAY 29, ARMENPRESS: Armenian medics plan to set up a
center at the Cardiology Institute that will be dealing with sleep
disorders. The center is supposed to start working in mid-summer and
will have advanced equipment for proper diagnosis of these problems
because in most cases, sleep disorders can be easily managed once
they are properly diagnosed.

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. It occurs more often in
women and in the elderly.

Samson Khachatrian, chairman of the League of Young Armenian
Neurologists, said sleep disorders are not diagnosed in Armenia being
ignored by primary health doctors.

He said an extensive study will be conducted to find main sleep
disorders among Armenian.

Studies have shown that sleep is essential for normal immune
system function and to maintain the ability to fight disease and
sickness. Sleep also is essential for normal nervous system function
and the ability to function both physically and mentally. In addition,
sleep is essential for learning and for normal, healthy cell growth.

A sleep laboratory, by the way, was created by the national Health
Institute at the Rehabilitation Center run by the Armenian Red Cross,
but it never worked.

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