On The 15th Anniversary Of Liberation Of Shushi

By Gohar Julhakian

May 25, 2007

The liberation of Shushi in 1992 was a breakthrough in the Artsakh
war. For the Armenians Shushi was not merely a city: it has always
been a center of Armenian culture and science. Twenty one newspapers
and magazines were published in Shushi in the beginning of the XX
century, two of which were published in Russian.

The 15th anniversary of the liberation of Shushi was celebrated in
the National Library. An exhibition dedicated to the liberation of
Shushi was launched at the library. Books, photos and other materials
were available at the exhibition.

High-ranked military officials, intellectuals and many guests attended
the celebration. Director of the National Library David Sargsian says
the library will periodically organize events dedicated to the 15th
anniversary of liberation of Shushi.

"The liberation of Shushi was the greatest of our victories. It is
the victory of the entire Armenian nation since the entire secular
and spiritual strength of the Armenian nation was united during the
liberation of the city," Sargsian said.

Member of the ARF’s Supreme Body Artashes Shahbazian believes
liberation of Shushi was the turning point after which the Armenian
soldiers could be sure that they would be able to liberate Artsakh
as well.

"The liberation of Shushi was a pan-national victory because Armenia,
Artsakh and the Diaspora were united. The Armenian nation once again
proved in this struggle that it is powerful, that it can win if it
is united," Shahbazian said.

Spartak Gharabaghtsian’s film titled "Shushi" was screened
during the exhibition. The film presents the history of Shushi in
1920-1988. Zorakan bank, singer Manik Grigorian, Tkzar bank performed
during the celebration. The event was organized with support from
the ARF.

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