Murderer Of 19-Year-Old Arthur Sardaryan Justified

30.05.2007 17:14

Yesterday the case of murder of 19-year-old Arthur Sardaryan in a
Moscow-Sofrino electric train was heard the local district court. The
strange thing is that the murderer was justified even though there
were witnesses of the crime.

In a phone talk with "Radiolur" the Director of the "Lex" firm
of attorneys Simon Tsaturyan expressed concern over the fact that
justification of the cruel crime on the basis of nationalism may
become a bad precedent.

The 17:04:51rial was carried out by the jury, which Simon Tsaturyan
considdered unacceptable from the very beginning, since he was assured
no objective decision could be taken this way. Â"The jury is comprised
of people from street having no legal knowledge,Â" the attorney said.

On the basis of the jury’s decision the judge reached a verdict and
justified the nationalist, who had brutally knifed 19-year-old Arthur
Sardaryan and jumped out of the train crying "Long live Russia."

"Of course, it is possible and necessary to appeal the verdict in the
courts of higher instance," Simon Tsaturyan considers. Yesterday he
spoke to the father of the killed Armenian young man and advised him
to appeal to the Court of Cassation.

Mr. Tsaturyan considers hat "such a verdict is a result of the
inactivity of Armenian organizations and the Armenian Embassy in

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