ANKARA: Graveyard Claimed To Be Armenian Belongs To Romans


Today’s Zaman, Turkey
May 24 2007

Yusuf Halacoðlu, president of the Turkish Historical Society (TTK),
has announced that a graveyard in Mardin’s Nusaybin district that
had been claimed by the Armenians in fact dates to the Roman period.

During a press conference Halacoðlu said they had appealed to foreign
scientists to come and assist with the opening of the graveyard.

David Gaunt, a scientist from Switzerland, was the only one to
express interest.

Gaunt accepted the offer on condition that the research be conducted
without intervention from the Turkish administration. Gaunt began
studies with the TTK president and delegation on April 24. However
Gaunt soon realized that the photographs of the graveyard he had
seen were different from the graveyard in Nusaybin and thus decided
to return home without taking any soil or bone samples from the grave.

Reading the results of the soil and bone samples tested at Ankara
University’s engineering department, Halacoðlu said Turkish scientists
had determined that the bones to belong to the Roman period.


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