New Gunshots Made In Gyumri

18:56 21/05/2007

Another gunshot was reported in the republic yesterday. The case took
place in Gyumri late yesterday. At about 20:30, an emergency call
was made from Gyumri local hospital saying a citizen was brought
to hospital with a shot in his foot. He is Norair Soloyan born in
1979, a resident of Gyumri Achemyan 26 house. Ashot Goginyan, deputy
department head of Shirak regional police, held a press conference
on the incident today.

Earlier reports say two-side gunshots were made at Terian street,
Gyumri late yesterday. According to information, the gunshots were
made between Spartak Ghukasyan, son of Vardan Ghukasyan, Gyumri mayor,
and Rustam Sargsyan, son of Artashes Sargsyan, responsible person
for Prosperous Armenia at election community 34.

Goginyan said a citizen, Hamaspiur Mnatsakanyan born in 1933, made
a call to the police saying a black car with state numbers came to
Shop Pegas belonging to the Sargsyans at about 18:30 and opened gun
shots. One of the gunshots broke the shop window and the splinters
wounded Mnatsakanyan’s arm.

Radiolur says Goginyan has confirmed that Hammer H-2 type car with 44
SS 440 state numbers belong to the son of Vardan Ghukasyan, Gyumri
mayor. However, Goginyan did not say the owner was at the place of
the incident. The same source said gun shots totally damaged Hammer
H-2 with 44 SS 440 state numbers. Some arms were detected in the car
after prosecutor general office’s search.

The prosecutor’s office has instituted a case into the incident.

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