Rally Organizers Call On Armenian Opposition To Unite


18 May 07

Yerevan, 18 May: Speaking at a rally in Yerevan’s Liberty Square
[18 May], Heghine Bisharyan, the deputy chairman of the opposition
Orinats Yerkir party, said that the opposition’s main task should
be unification.

As a first step, she called [on the opposition] to coordinate efforts
when preparing and filing an appeal with the Constitutional Court to
have the outcome of the [12 May] parliamentary election voided. She
read out the Orinats Yerkir party board statement, which claims that
there were wide-spread fraud and violations during the polls and the
vote count. The document also claims that the authorities did their
best to make the irregularities invisible.

Nikol Pashinyan, the leader of the Impeachment bloc, said it was a
mistake for the opposition to participate in the race separately. He
called on the opposition leaders to forgive each other and unite.

People’s Party of Armenia leader Stepan Demirchyan, addressing those
gathered, said that it is impossible to bear the impunity, killings in
broad daylight and other typical things of the antidemocratic regime.

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