Greenpeace Rebuilds Noah’s Ark On Mount Ararat

17.05.2007 13:54

The ecological organization Greenpeace began the construction of a
reproduction of Noah’s Ark on the Mount Ararat. The wooden ship will
make ten meters long, four meters wide and four meters in height,
independent correspondent Jean Eckian informs from France.

"We are in front of a second universal flood. But it is not yet
too late. If all the nations of the World make a turn in favor of
environment one will be able to avoid the catastrophe," indicated
Andree Böhling, Greenpeace expert in energy." "The politicians
must assume their responsibilities and cannot continue to look at a
world threatened to be submerged by the tides, the storms and floods,
while hundreds of thousands people lose their houses, which plants
and animals disappear by the diseases and dryness," he said.

To give more symbolic to his call, Böhling explains that, a caravan of
40 horses transferred, of the foot of Mount Ararat until an altitude
of 2.500 meters, a total of twelve cubic meters of wood’s pieces
intended to build the Arch of the 21st century. Twenty German and
Turkish carpenters will build the biblical ship, which in the future
will become a coaching inn of mountain.

The rebuilding of Noah’s Ark will be officially inaugurated on May
31 with the reading of a declaration of the climatic state.