Peter Semneby: Armenia "Passed The Test"

15.05.2007 11:40

EU Special Representative in the South Caucasus Peter Semneby stated
in an exclusive interview to Mediamax that Armenia "passed the test"
and "will continue to move closer to the EU."

Peter Semneby said this, commenting on his previous statements,
according to which the elections in Armenia would become an important
"test" for the relations with the EU, as they would be the first ones
after the start of the implementation of the Action Plan within the
framework of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP).

"Yes, Armenia passed the test, which gives a good base for
continuing to develop the partnership with the EU in the way we
have envisaged. The high degree of interest in the election was
a particularly encouraging proof of what appears to be a growing
political and civic engagement," the EU Special representative stated.

At the same time, Peter Semneby reminded in that "Armenia has not
received a perfect mark."

"The observer missions noticed some remaining problems, which ought
to be eliminated before the presidential election next year. In
particular, there was often no distinction between the ruling party and
the State. There were also too many problems with the vote counting,"
Peter Semneby stated.

The Special Representative of the European Union expressed hope
that the new members of the Armenian parliament will be committed to
"making the parliament a forum for a vital and dynamic debate on the
future direction of the country."

"The joint commitment to democracy, human rights and the rule of law
is a cornerstone for the partnership between Armenia and the EU. I
am confident that Armenia will continue to move closer to the EU,"
Peter Semneby stated in an exclusive interview to Mediamax.