Turkish Nationalist SThreatening Armenians

By H. Chaqrian

AZG Armenian Daily

On May 14 "Global Hay" news agency sent to "Azg" the copy of a message,
received by "Surb Levon Vardukhian" Armenian school in Istanbul.

On the very first page of the message the following inscription
could be found: "This was sent to all institutions concerned with
the matter. This movement was started for the sake of Turkey’s future
and its unity. Regards".

The next pages featured a long text, entitled "The Last Warning and
Ultimatum", and accusing Armenians in separatism and efforts to ruin
the Turkish statehood.

The message also told of the Murder of Hrant Dink.

"…exclamations "We are all Armenians, we are all Hrant Dink"
are examples of extreme chauvinism and summons for revolution. Do
not forget that except Armenian citizens of Turkey, there are also
Armenians from Armenia on our land, and they count over 100 thousand.

Both their addresses and their workplaces are well known. Henceforth
we hope to see our Armenian citizens as advocates of truth, concerning
the Armenian Genocide or any other matter, and as defenders of the
Turkish statehood. We shall keep an eye on how the Armenians are
playing this role. Otherwise the Armenians shall be those to lie in
the grave and count how many Armenians and how many Turks there were
in the ‘ages long past’. This land has never pardoned treachery and
shall not. Who does not stand for our paradise-homeland is against
us and shall be vanquished", says the message.

The text ends with the following words. "There is no defense line. That
line is the entire territory.

Anything else is just trifles when the fate of the homeland is the
matter. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk". "This is the last ultimatum. It is
not to be repeated" – say the last words of the message.

This latest expression of Turkish violent nationalism is
unsigned. Nevertheless the quote from Ataturk must remind us of the
Kemalist chauvinistic movement. This movement is called to protect
the statehood of Turkey, an that statehood is supervised by the
Special Forces Department of the army, which was the initiator of
political crisis during the presidential elections in Turkey. Thus,
the spiteful message should be ascribed to the armed forces of Turkey
and linked with the political events about the presidential elections.

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