Armenian opposition accuses police of breaching rally law

May 11 2007

Armenian opposition accuses police of breaching rally law

11.05.2007, 17.04

YEREVAN, May 11 (Itar-Tass) — The Armenian opposition has accused
the police of breaching the law on rallies and marches.

Although the canvassing campaign stopped last midnight, the
Impeachment election bloc held a press conference to comment on a
Wednesday clash between the police and a picket near the National
Security Service building in Yerevan.

The picket organizers said their peaceful action complied with the
law and they only wanted to read out a petition demanding the release
of former foreign minister Alexander Arzumanian, who was charged with
money laundering.

Impeachment bloc leader Nikol Pashinian said he will ask the
prosecutor’s office to punish police officials, who `abused of office
and ordered the illegal police operation that dispersed the picket.’

Meanwhile, the police have said that the opposition rally `developed
into an illegal march through provocative appeals and actions of its

`The mass hooliganism was instigated by the action organizers,’ said
first deputy police chief Col. Gen. Ararat Maitesian, adding that
prosecutors are sizing up the situation.

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