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10 May, 2007

UNDP Armenia is Helping Communities Help Themselves

Yerevan, 10 May, 2007– Aiming to facilitate sustainable and integrated
rural development and to assist local government bodies and the rural
population of Armenia, within the framework of Rural Poverty Eradication
Program, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has jointly with
the Kornidzor Community, Syunik marz initiated and elaborated the
2006-2008 Integrated Development Plan of Kornidzor Community. The
Development Plan was elaborated by using participatory methods and
principles, i.e. its preparation became possible due to public
participation, discussions in general community meetings and focus groups.

Projects identified as priority ones in the Development Plan, among
others, included the construction of a gas main from Tegh Village (4
kilometers) and an intra-community gas network (8.3 kilometers). The
community never had gas. At present the International Fund of
Agricultural Development (IFAD) has already undertaken the construction
of the 4-kilometer gas main from Tegh to Kornidzor. UNDP and the
Community Municipality of Kornidzor have reached an agreement to jointly
undertake the construction of low-pressure intra-community gas network
(8.3 kilometers) covering the entire territory of the community.

The overall project budget is 36,510,300 AMD, where the Community
contribution will constitute about 10% and UNDP will cover about 90% of
this project cost. The beneficiaries of the project are the population
of Kornidzor (1173 people).

The Community of Kornidzor is located in the south-eastern part of the
Goris District of Syunik Marz – it border with Lachin District. The
distance from Kornidzor to state border is just 0.5 kilometers.
Kornidzor has suffered a great deal from warfare. The Community was in
the war turmoil from the very start of war actions and lots of houses in
the community underwent intense bombing. And yet people live and try to
build their future here.

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