Thanks To "Armenian National Movement" (ANM) Mass Meetings Became Po


[08:35 pm] 10 May, 2007

Today Ararat Zurabyan, Chairman of ANM Board said at "Pastark" Club,
"I do not consider the political struggle in Armenia a serious one. As
to the election, it will not be fair and equal". He could not recall
any serious political debate neither between his and other political
parties nor between Armenia Republican and "Bargavatch Hayastan"
(Prosperous Armenia) parties. According to him they are not capable
to participate in debates. He also accused Armenian TV companies for
not broadcasting debates and the reason is that the latter serves the
Government. According to Zurabyan, when ANM refused to participate
in election struggle, other parties did not follow their example.

However currently he notices a tendency of consolidation particularly
after May 12 many parties will join in the fight for freedom including
ANM. He also said that thanks to ANM, "Impeachment" Alliance became
more popular and the number of people participating in the Alliance
meeting drastically increased.

To the question of a journalist presenting A1+ Agency "which party are
ANM members going to vote for", Zurabyan replied that they already
have done their choice and there are a few political parties in the
political domain they will vote for.

Zurabyan accused the President for arresting the former RoA Deputy
Foreign Minister Alexander Arzumanyan. As to him this step is aimed
at creating an atmosphere of threat in the country. He also mentioned
the crucial role of Arzumanyan in democracy building and in election
processes in particular and for this reason he was isolated from the
political arena.

With regard to yesterday’s incident, Zurabyan said that such a
development of events was obvious for him.

Referring to Arthur Baghdasaryan’s situation, he added that ANM has
occurred in similar situation for already ten years.

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