‘Joint Endevour – 2007’ Manoeuvres Completed In Yerevan


Arminfo News Agency
2007-05-10 10:29:00

The ceremony of closing of the "Joint Endevour – 2007" manoeuvres
was held in Yerevan.

As informed earlier, the manoeuvres of the US European command "Joint
Endevour -2007 " were held in the territory of the Military-Aviation
Institute after Marshall Khamperyants in Yerevan. Hundred and thirty
representatives of 6 countries took part in the manoeuvres which were
held in Armenia and Germany in parallel.

Coming forwards in the closing ceremony, Commander of RA AF
communication troops, Major-General Armen Baburyan said: "Observing the
course of manoeuvres, one may say with confidence that the manoeuvres
were held at high professional and organizational level due to the
joint work. Announcing the completion of manoeuvres, we may state
that the regular multinational manoeuvres passed successfully and
reached the goals set", A. Baburyan said.

In his turn, Military Attache of the US Embassy in RA, Colonel Russell
Grimley said the manoeuvres confirmed again the successfulness
of the initiative to hold the annual manoeuvres "Joint Endevour –
2007". According to him, 130 representatives from 6 countries have
tested 50 means of communication within fortnight. "Another goal
of the manoeuvres was increase of the level of cooperation between
the participants that has been also achieved", R. Grimley said. He
thanked the Defense Ministry of Armenia for hospitality and the
Armenian officers for the active cooperation. In conclusion, acting
Head of RA AF General Headquarters, Major-General Enriko Apriamov
gave memorable presents to the commanders of subdivisions which
participated in the manoeuvres.

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