COAF and Anahit Beauty Salon Complete Trainings for Hairdressers

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COAF and Anahit Beauty Salon Complete

Trainings for Hairdressers from Armavir

Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, May 8, 2007 ¾ Today, the Children of
Armenia Fund (COAF) held an award reception in its Yerevan office to
mark the completion of trainings for hairdressers initiated by COAF and
implemented in partnership with Anahit Beauty Salon. The major goal of
the pilot project was to train a group of young people from four
villages constituting the Model Cluster, as part of Comprehensive Rural
Development Program in the District of Armavir.

The three months of intensive trainings held at two salons of Anahit
Beauty based in Yerevan have left the trainees with notable achievements
and good results. During this period, the participants from Argina,
Lernagog, Myasnikyan and Shenik communities acquired up-to-date
techniques and modern approaches to hair styling and design. As one
leading expert from Anahit Beauty Salon cited, "These young ladies are
now fully equipped with necessary skills to be able to meet the
challenges of customer service in their native villages".

In the words of Aneta Lazarian, a trainee representing Shenik, it was
an exciting experience for them to be trained in one of capital city’s
most prestigious salons. "We knew so little, when we came here, and now
the world is open for us and we have plenty of opportunities to be
useful to our village population. We are confident and strong, and are
looking forward to starting our own hairdressing salons".

The certificates of course completion and small incentives were awarded
jointly by Dr. Arpie Balian, COAF Armenia Country Director, and Ms. Suzy
Grigorian, General Manager, Anahit Beauty Salon. When addressing the
guests, Dr. Balian emphasized the high professionalism of Anahit experts
and their continuous dedication to work. In turn, Ms. Grigorian noted
that "such initiatives are always welcome, especially when they are
implemented with the objective of revitalizing rural areas and
strengthening the capacity of rural people". Also present at the event
were the mayors of cluster villages, who expressed their gratitude to
all the parties involved. They also hoped that the project would result
in income generating activities in each of the mentioned communities and
economic growth throughout the whole cluster.

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