Samvel Bagratyan Struggles By Democratic Methods


[07:24 pm] 25 April, 2007

more images "The candidates and parties are not given equal
opportunities in Vayots Dzor Marz," Sergey Bagratyan, a member of
the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), running for the parliament in
constituency 39, announced at the "Friday Club" today.

He informed the presentees that his rival Samvel Sargsyan, the marzpet
(regional head) of Vayots Dzor and a member of the Republican Party
of Armenia (RPA), has made numerous violations, starting from the
usage of the RoA flag in the campaign posters, which is forbidden
under the acting Electoral Code, to the abuse of marzpet’s livers.

Sergey Bagratyan assesses his chances to be elected 100 per cent. On
the whole, Sergey Bagratyan’s press conference was rather cheerful. He
didn’t deny the fact that PAP and RPA are distributing flour in Vayots
Dzor. In his opinion, the act pursues charity purpose; no votes are
expected in return, though it might affect the voters’ choice.

Mr Bagratyan didn’t refute the fact that his proponents had beaten
the co-workers of the tax department who were preaching in favour of
the acting marzpet.

Then he addressed the audience, "What were they to do if a state
official broke the law?" and immediately gave the answer, "surely,
they were to combat by democratic methods."

Sergey Bagratyan seemed content with the work of the police forces,
National Security Service and Prosecutor’s Office who have impartial
approach to the incident.

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