First Photoexhibition Dedicated To Industrial Heritage Opens In Yere


Noyan Tapan
Apr 18 2007

YEREVAN, APRIL 18, NOYAN TAPAN. Industrial Heritage: Sevan-Hrazdan
Cascade photoexhibition dedicated to country’s industrial titan
Sevan-Hrazdan HPP complex opened for the first time at National
Museum-Institute of Architecture on the occasion of April 18,
International Day of Monuments and Sites.

In the words of Museum Director Ashot Grigorian, industrial heritage
existing from middle ages up to present is almost consigned to oblivion
in Armenia.

This heritage like another historic-cultural and spiritual values
needs preservation and protection. In A. Grigorian’s words, the
meaning of the day is to raise attitude towards industrial heritage
among the public and to form a new approach for making them exhibits
of museum. "In many countries of the world the industrial heritage
has become accessible for the public long ago: technical museums,
industrial reserves were opened," the Director said.

The International Day of Monuments and Sites has been marked in Armenia
since 2001 when the conutry became a member of International Council
of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). In the words of Hasmik Azizian,
Secretary General of Armenia-ICOMOS organization, their goal is to
focus public attention to structures of industrial heritage, which
"are not so magnificent in the respect of art, but are interesting
and important due to being universal." Besides, the above mentioned
structures also have a social value, as people worked in them and
created their working biography.

In H. Azizian’s words, the factor of landscapes is very important
for industrial structures in consideration of the circumstance that
very often cultural landscapes are damaged in consequence of wrong
organization of work of this or that industrial enterprise.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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