"Andranik Margaryan’s Death Boosted RPA’s Rating"


[03:21 pm] 18 April, 2007

Sociologist Aharon Adibekyan, head of the "Sociometer" Centre announced
today that the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) and the Republican
Party of Armenia (RPA) have a real chance to be elected in the RA
National Assembly. The polling initiated by the centre testifies to
his conclusion.

"The Prime Minister’s death has had a positive influence on the RPA;
the party’s reputation has considerably increased. But it is due
to mention that not many know Serge Sargsyan as the chairman of the
party," says the sociologist.

On April 14 the center conducted polling in Yerevan and in 29
cities. 1500 people participated in the polling. In comparison with
the previous polling, the rating of the PAP has decreased and that
of the RPA has increased.

51% of the respondents have already decided which candidate/party/
to vote for; 11% of them will vote for the PAP and 14% – for the RPA.

The center also held polling on Serge Sargsyan’s appointment to the
RA Prime Minister’s post. 34% of those surveyed consider the decision
wrong, whereas 19,3 % assume the contrary.

45 % of the respondents noted that there will be serious stuffing and
frauds during the upcoming election, and 3, 8 % think the elections
will be conducted on a high level.

In reply to our question, whether people inspire confidence to the
polling results, Mr. Adibekyan said, "If your enemy starts gossiping
about you, it contributes to the increase of your rating."

In the end, Mr. Adibekyan informed us about their intention to
initiate three more polling, one in Yerevan, the second in the RA
villages and the third one throughout the republic.

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