UNESCO Approved The Claim About St. Thaddeus

By H. Tsulikian

AZG Armenian Daily

"Culture Heritage Information" of Iran reports that the Armenian
church of Srub Tadevos (St. Thaddeus) was included in the UNESCO
List of World Culture Heritage upon the request of the Government
of Iran. The church, also known as Karakilisa ("the Black Church"
in Turkish), is situated in the Western Azerbaijan province of the
Islamic Republic of Iran and was constructed about 1700 years ago,
being one of the oldest Christian shrines. According to the legend,
verified by certain historians, Apostle Thaddeus, who preached
Christianity in several regions of Armenia and Iran, is buried
there. At present the church belongs to the Armenian community of
Iran and each year a holy service and a feast is held there.

Expectedly soon a UNESCO expert group is to arrive there so as to
get acquainted with the church and nearby historical buildings.

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