First Route By ‘Poti-Caucasus’

17:22 12/04/2007

Within the coming 10-15 days the ferry "Poti-Caucasus" will fulfill
its first commercial run. Arsen Ghazaryan, Chairman of the Union of
manufacturers and entrepreneurs, Director of "Apaven" OJSC, stated
during today press conference. The first experimental voyage was
implemented yesterday evening.

Arsen Ghazaryan reminds that the ferry "Smat" arrived in the port
Poti on April 10, which, in its turn, started from the Russian port
"Caucasus" to Georgia.

Thus, a transport road has been launched between Armenia and Russia,
which requires less time and expenses. "We have being waiting for the
launch of this ferry for 10 years", Ghazaryan mentioned. In his words,
the port "Caucasus" is not so deep, and it has been difficult to find
a ferry for that.

The Swiss "Reserve Capital Engineering Corporation" has projected
and built a ferry with one small bridge, the length of which is 150
meters, and the width – 22 meters. Loading duration is 1 hour. The
tonnage of the ferry is 50 carriages (60 kg each). It should be noted
before that Armenia transported cargo from Russia via the Ukrainian
port "Ilichevsk". But in that case the cargo have reached to the
destination point within 50 hours.

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