National Unity Pretends On Receiving At Least 25-30% Votes In Electi


Noyan Tapan
Apr 09 2007

YEREVAN, APRIL 9, NOYAN TAPAN. The forthcoming parliamentary elections
will be much more legal and fair than the previous ones. Chairman of
National Unity Party Artashes Geghamian gave assurance at the April
9 press conference. In his words, "there will be no repetition of
events of 2003 and 2005," as the people will not tolerate electoral
falsifications any longer. "We will not be able to hold back the
people any longer and if there are electoral falsifications, the
National Unity itself will call people for rising," he stated. In
A. Geghamian’s words, these elections will be decisive and the fortune
will smile upon the people.

He said that the party continues negotiating with the opposition
political forces over creating a coordinating committee controlling
legality of elections. The National Unity proposes appointing
Paruyr Hayrikian as head of the coordinating committee, as he
does not take a direct part in the electoral struggle and will be
unbiassed. A. Geghamian considers that even with confronting forces
of 2-3 parties it will be possible to quickly respond to any electoral
falsifications. In his words, some foreign forces "are looking forward"
for the elections to be falsified to use strict sanctions to Armenia
as a result of them, in particular, pressures in the issue of Nagorno

Answering the question about National Unity’s pretensions in the
future parliament, A. Geghamian gave assurance that the party will
receive at least 25-30% electors’ votes. He said that by the results
of the surveys conducted in 2006 by Armenian Sociological Association,
population’s 54-57% wishes to see A. Geghamian on the post of country’s
President. In his words, he has set his team the task to provide at
least the half of this index at the parliamentary elections.

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