Applewild students know their history

Lowell Sun (Massachusetts)
April 1, 2007 Sunday

Applewild students know their history

FITCHBURG — Students in the eighth and ninth grades at Applewild
School received nine awards in the Central Massachusetts Regional
History Day competition held recently in Barre.

Of the nine award-winners, eight qualified to compete in the state
finals on March 31 at Clark University in Worcester. Six entries won
first-place medals, and the school’s students swept the senior
division group-exhibit category.

National History Day has seven categories: historical papers;
individual and group exhibits; individual and group performances; and
individual and group documentaries.

There are two divisions, junior (grades 6-8) and senior (grades

In the regionals, Massachusetts is divided into five regions, and the
two qualifiers in each category qualify for the state competition.
The top two finishers in each category at the state contest qualify
for nationals.

Following are Applewild’s award-winners:

* Dewey Knapp, first place, individual exhibits, Junior Division; "A
Triumphant and Tragic Day in Infamy — Dec. 7, 1941."

* David Niemann, second place, individual exhibits, Junior Division;
"The Triumphs and Tragedies of the Apollo Project."

* Katie Annand and Ali Lorden, first place, group exhibits, Junior
Division; "Triangle Factory Fire."

* David Anderson and Tom Hongsmatip, first place, group documentary,
Junior Division; "The Triumph and Tragedy of D-Day."

* Susanna Bishop, first place, individual exhibits, Senior Division;
"Titanic: A Ship of Death and Dreams."

* Haley Pickford and Katie Regan, first place, group exhibits, Senior
Division; "The Triumph of the Corps of Discovery and the Tragedy of
Meriwether Lewis."

* Lilly Feinberg and Tyler McKenzie, second place, group exhibits,
Senior Division; "The Eagle Has Landed. Where Is the Hammer and

* Sophia Bogdanov and Collin Pawlak, honorable mention, group
exhibits, Senior Division; "Stalin … Man or Monster?"

* Ben Luton and Amelie Touroyan, first place, group documentary,
Senior Division; "Who Remembers Today the Extermination of the

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