ANC: Local Activists Attend Fundraiser for Pres Hopeful Sen. Clinton

104 N. Belmont St.
Suite 200B
Glendale, CA 91206
Press Release
Local Activists Attend Fundraiser for Presidential Hopeful Senator Hillary
April 5, 2007
On Saturday March 24, 2007 Aida Dimejian, an active supporter of the
Armenian National Committee – Political Action Committee (ANC-PAC) and
Michael Mahdesian, current member of Senator Clinton’s National Finance
Committee and former senior Clinton appointee at USAID, attended a VIP dinner
in Los Angeles for the Presidential Campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton. As
contributors to the campaign, Dimejian and Mahdesian joined Senator Clinton
at the fundraising dinner, which was hosted at the home of long-time
Democratic fundraiser Ron Burkle. The 700 guests in attendance included
former governor of California Gray Davis, Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi,
Los Angeles City Controller Laura Chick, Los Angeles City Councilmembers Jack
Weiss and Wendy Greuel. The successful evening raised upwards of $2.7
Following the dinner Senator Clinton addressed her guests on how she
intends to change the direction of the country, particularly on matters of
war and diplomacy throughout the Middle East. She also discussed her plans on
how to move the country towards universal health care for all Americans. The
speech was then followed up by a question and answer session between Senator
Clinton and her guests.
During the reception Mrs. Dimejian and Mr. Mahdesian had a chance to speak
with Senator Clinton about issues concerning the Armenian American community.
"We had a good opportunity to talk with Senator Clinton about the political
importance of the large Armenian community in California, especially in light
of the California primary being moved up to February 5, 2008," said Mr.
Mahdesian. He added, "for the first time, the largest Armenian community in
the U.S. will have a prominent role in selecting the Presidential nominee of
both parties, and we’ll do everything we can to introduce Senator Clinton and
her campaign to Armenians in California to ensure her victory."
"Attending this event allowed me to continue my work with members of the
Democratic Party, while meeting a strong Presidential hopeful in Senator
Clinton," stated Dimejian. "Furthermore, I always welcome the opportunity to
discuss issues of concern to our community with national political leaders,"
added Dimejian.
The ANC-PAC is a non-partisan federally registered political action
committee established to support campaign committees for Members of Congress
who share the values of the Armenian American community. The ANC-PAC is at
the forefront of efforts to ensure that the voice of the Armenian American
community is clearly heard in our nation’s capital. The ANC-PAC continues a
century old tradition of Armenian Americans engagement on the public policy
issues facing national political leaders, both in the U.S. Congress and the
White House.

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