We prefer being more concrete when question of candidates clears

`We prefer being more concrete when the question of candidates becomes clear’

Anahit Danielyan
02-04-2007 13:26:12 – KarabakhOpen

The pre-election period in Karabakh is unprecedented ` with only six
weeks to go before the nomination of candidates nobody has said to be
likely to ballot for this post. What is the reason? We asked for the
opinion of civil society activists. We talked to Albert Voskanyan,
director of the Center for Civil Initiatives.

Mr. Voskanyan, what is your opinion of the pre-election situation? Are
you aware of the possible candidates?

Albert Voskanyan: I think it is early to analyze the pre-election
situation since the candidates and their programs are not known
yet. Of course, it is possible to analyze and make forecasts and try
in parallel to `prompt’ one’s own vision to the society and `support’
the preferable candidates. However, forecasts are not rewarding. We
prefer being more concrete when the question of candidates becomes

In your opinion, do we need public debates? Are public debates on the
Karabakh settlement and other issues necessary? And is it realistic
that these debates will affect the government policy?

Albert Voskanyan: Certainly, public debates on different issues are
not only useful but also necessary, for dispute generates truth. This
postulation is applicable to the settlement of the conflict over
Nagorno Karabakh as well, the most urgent issue that worries the
Armenian society. I am sure that these debates would have certain
influence on the government policy.

Where and how do you get information on life in Karabakh? Do you feel
you are informed?

Unfortunately, most of the information and especially analysis comes
from foreign sources, which appear to keep the finger on the pulse of
life in Karabakh with more responsibility and consistency. The
Internet helps feel informed, at least about the main events.

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