FM: Our Presence at S. Khach aimed to prove it belongs to Armenians

Our presence at the opening of the Holy Cross was aimed to prove the
Armenian belonging of the Church
30.03.2007 17:56

`If the cross was placed on the Church of the Holy Cross on Akhtamar
Island, the Armenian delegation would be more inclusive, the Armenian
Apostolic Church with its Catholicosates would also participate in the
opening. Since Turkey refused to install the cross, our delegation was
more than modest,’ RA Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian told the
journalists today.

According to Vartan Oskanian, the presence of the Armenian delegation
was aimed at proving the Armenian belonging of the Church. `The
existence of an Armenian Church on an island of strategic importance
like Akhtamar is an evidence of our existence on those lands,’ said
the Minister, adding that during the event our delegation behaved with
great dignity, managing to convey our message with silence.

In Mr. Oskanian’s words, it would be better for Turkey to undertake
more concrete steps for the normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations.

Let us remind that the Armenian delegation headed by RA Deputy Culture
Minister was present at the opening ceremony of the Church of the Holy

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