Armenian and Turkish musicians will sing a song about Hrant Dink

Armenian and Turkish musicians will sing a song about Hrant Dink in Istanbul

24.03.2007 14:36
Alisa Gevorgyan

The assassination of Hrant Dink that shook the whole world could not
leave indifferent the carriers of the same ideology, moreover, his
friends including Arto Tunjboyajian.

Currently Turkish composer and singer Yasar Kurt is on a stay in
Armenia. This is the musician’s first visit to Armenia and he sees a
unique mission in it. Arto Tunjboyajian and Yasar Kurt are working on
a CD dedicated to the memory of their friend Hrant Dink.

Yasar Kurt was born in 1968 in Turkey. He started his professional
musical career in 1990s, recording 3 CDs. In his songs Yasar struggles
against wars and violence.

What unified the two Armenian and Turkish musicians was that like Dink
they both stand against hatred, intolerance and revenge. Arto and
Yasar were united also by the idea that the humanity sharing these
values should be united, since life belongs to all and enemies will
bring only losses and sorrow. As a result of this initiative a group
consisting of several famous Armenian and Turkish musicians was born,
which is called `Yas Ar’ ` an abbreviation from Arto and Yasar. When
translated, it means `living.’

The group will record a CD, later a video clip will be shot on one of
the songs. `However, this is only the start,’ the musicians
say. `This work will be continuous and will turn into a large project
unifying thousands of associates.’

`I have not written anything new about Hrant. I have written about the
life of a boy grown up in the children’s home. I have written that he
was born in the children’s home and met his spouse there. I’ve written
that he was struggling for humanity, was a true and fair man and was a
good example for us. The song says: `We are all Hrant, we are people,
and we are against hatred.’ I will invite all Turkish leaders to this
concert. Currently I’m working on that project: I want to collect more
than a million people in Istanbul and say that we stand against
hatred,’ Arto says.

`He is a pure man whom I have known for 3-4 months only,’ Arto says,
when presenting his Turkish colleague. In his heart of hearts Arto is
confident that Yasar is of Armenian origin and his predecessors were
Armenians fighting in the mountains. He tries to find similarities
even in his features. No matter Armenian or Turk, Yasar is a person
who will perform in Istanbul with this song dedicated to Hrant Dink,
for which he could have reasons to fear. `Why should we be afraid? If
we fear Hrant will die, he lives in our speeches,’ says Arto and adds:
`He is not afraid; to be more exact he does not want to be
afraid. Yasar says he will stand behind any fair and good initiative.’

Naturally, it was impossible to escape the topic of Genocide. Like
many young people in his country, Yasar does not know much about
it. Those in Turkey do not speak about it. `We do not learn much about
it, because we are not allowed to. But now I’m learning some things,
now there is a genocide happening inside me. I want to understand my
identity, but I can’t find it,’ said the Turkish musician.

`There are millions of young people in Turkey who do not know their
identity. The call of blood makes them do things which are
unacceptable to them. I’m sure Yasar is of Armenian origin: look at
his skull, the expression of his eyes. Unfortunately, their families
do not speak about their origin and history, because they will be
killed if they are heard.’ Sayd Arto.

Instead of the words `We are all Hrant, We are all Armenian,’ Arto and
Yasar will sing: `We are all Hrant, we are the man every bullet
against whom is a bullet against all of us.’ `The bullet against Hrant
Dink has not killed him, only we can kill Hrant with our silence,’
this is how both Arto Tunjboyajian and Yasar Kurt think.

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