ANKARA: TUSIAD Heads USA To Discuss Armenian Bill


March 19 2007

Senior TUSIAD representatives will also hold talks with officials
from the International Monetary Fund during their visit to the US.

Guncelleme: 14:50 TSÝ 19 Mart 2007 PazartesiWASHINGTON –
Representatives of Turkey’s peak business association are in Washington
to lobby against the US House of Representatives adopting a bill to
recognise the so-called Armenian genocide.

On Tuesday, Arzuhan Yalcýndað, the chairwoman of the Turkish
Businessmen’s and Industrialists Association TUSIAD, and an
accompanying delegation of businessmen, will have talks with the
head of the House of Representative’s foreign affairs committee’s
Europe sub-committee.

They will also have talks with the co-chairman of the Turkish
friendship group and the Democrat Party’s Robert Wexler.

The House of Representatives is to consider adopting legislation
giving formal recognition to Armenian claims that the Ottoman Empire
committed an act of genocide against its Armenian citizens during
the First World War.

Turkey strongly denies such allegations, though acknowledges that
hundreds of thousands of Turkish and Armenian civilians died during
the turmoil of the war.

TUSIAD is also expected to raise the problem over the terrorist group
the PKK in their meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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