Who Detained Samvel Babayan?


[04:39 pm] 14 March, 2007

more images The rumors that Samvel Babayan, leader of the "Dashink"
Party has been detained do not correspond to the reality; Samvel
Babayan is currently in freedom. A1+ got the information from various

But one thing is obvious; something is going on inside the party as
remedial forces detain the party members one after another. The words
data of the above-mentioned sources affirm our doubts. For instance,
while we were making inquiries about Samvel Babayan, the press service
of the RA Police Forces said, "The RA Police haven’t arrested Samvel
Babayan, we don’t posses information on other forces".

The General Prosecutor’s Office hasn’t got any information either
whereas the representative of the press service of the National
Security Service gave the following answer; "We can say nothing
without comment" and immediately hanged up the receiver.

NA Deputy Hmajak Hovhannisyan, Samvel Babayans’ friend and a member of
the "Dashink" Party’s proportional ticket, got indignant at hearing
the news and said that the information was unwarranted. "The lie
mustn’t exceed the permissible boundaries. Nothing is wrong with
Samvel Babayan; I spoke to him over the phone today".

To note, the representatives of "Dashink", the members of the party’s
board, the press service, the press secretary of Babayan all have been
out of reach since yesterday which already gives ground to anticipate
force-major situation.