An Obvious Economic Struggle Against "Jermuk" Launched In The World

13.03.2007 16:30

Obviously, an economic struggle against Armenian "Jermuk" has started
in the world market. According to economist Edward Aghajanyan, the
matter is that Italy, France and Germany are dominating in the world
market of mineral waters. Armenian "Jermuk" is pressing forward, that
is why it is natural that this struggle started just now. According to
his assessment, this market is a profitable one: a liter of "Jermuk"
costs more than a liter of oil.

Armenian "Jermuk" can have its place in the world market only in
case of having a corresponding brand, while no Armenian product has
an international brand today. To create an own brand long time and
large sums are needed.

According to Edward Aghajanyan, for overcoming the situation some
international brand should be taken, i.e. it is necessary to create a
joint enterprise with some company having international fame, which
will ensure the entry of Armenian "Jermuk" into the world market.

In his words, ever since Soviet times Armenia has exhausted only 1%
of its mineral water recourses. Currently the production of mineral
waters is rapidly progressing.
From: Baghdasarian

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