Tax Revenues Of Armenian State Budget Increase By 21.1% In January 2


Noyan Tapan
Mar 02 2007

YEREVAN, MARCH 2, NOYAN TAPAN. In January 2007, tax revenues of the
RA state budget made over 28.1 bln drams (about 77.26 mln USD),
which ensured 6.4% of the annual program. According to the RA
Ministry of Finance and Economy, tax revenues increased by 21.1%
or 4.9 bln drams on the same month of 2006, mainly at the expense
of VAT. VAT revenues amounted to about 16 bln drams, making up 56.8%
of the total tax revenues in January. 9.2 bln drams of this sum was
received from taxation on the Armenian borders, 6.8 bln drams – from
domestic turnover of goods and services. VAT revenues of the state
budget grew by 59.3% or 5.9 bln drams on the same month of 2006. Taxes
from both import and domestic turnover increased. In January 2007,
7.8% of tax revenues of the RA state budget were excise tax revenues,
which amounted to 2.2 bln drams.

Particularly, 1.6 bln drams was received from taxation of imported
goods subject to excise tax, including 845.5 mln drams from taxation of
imported gasoline and diesel fuel and 723.5 mln drams – from taxation
of imported cigarettes. State budgetary revenues from taxation of
goods, which are produced in Armenia and subject to excise tax, made
614.7 mln drams, 553.1 mln drams of which was received as excise tax
on cigarettes made in Armenia. Excise tax revenues declined by 34.4%
or 1.2 ln drams on January 2006, mainly due to a decrease in taxes
from imported and domestically produced cigarettes, as well as imported
gasoline. 12.5% of tax revenues in January was ensured at the expense
of profit tax of over 3.5 bln drams. Profit tax revenues declined by
0.4% or 13.9 mln drams on January of last year. Income tax revenues of
the RA state budget amounted to 2.2 bln drams in January 2007, which
is less by 22.8% or 635.7 mln drams than the index of January 2006.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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