Vahan Hovhannisian Contemplates Over The Elections


[07:23 pm] 28 February, 2007

"There are rumors that ARF Dashnaktsutyun is preparing Arthur
Aghabekyan as a candidate for the NKR president. I dare say the
rumors don’t correspond to the reality. This is all "insinuation";
the rumors are fabricated", Vahan Hovhannisyan, Deputy NA Speaker
and member of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun board announced today.

Mr. Hovhannisyan says that he won’t run for the parliamentary elections
by majority system. As for the proportional list of the party, the NA
Deputy Speaker said, "ARF Dashnaktsutyun has already formed its list
which will be made public by the Supreme Body one of these days. I
am not a member of the Supreme Body and I shall become acknowledged
with the list together with you".

While speaking of the decision of the oppositional forces to run
for the elections on their own, Mr. Hovhannisyan noted, "Powerful
opposition is a perfect mechanism to control elections and provide
their transparency and justice. We can collaborate separately with
each oppositional force".

In Mr Hovhannisyan’s opinion, the decision of the oppositional forces
is determined by the complexity of the oppositional field.

Everybody realises that these elections are not merely parliamentary
elections as they pave a way for the presidential ones.

"All the candidates topping the proportional lists are potential
candidates for the presidency. The ambitions of the opposition
hindered them to find a common language", said Vahan Hovhannisyan
while commenting on the step of the opposition.