Armenian Electoral Body Approves Appearance, Size Of Ballot Boxes


Mediamax news agency
27 Feb 07

Yerevan, 27 February: Armenia’s Central Election Commission [CEC]
has approved the appearance and dimensions of the ballot boxes and
ballot envelopes.

Transparent boxes will be used in the 12 May parliamentary polls. The
CEC passed a decision to reduce the size of the hole in the boxes
from 21 mm to 15 mm to prevent attempts to drop a large number of
ballots into the boxes.

The ballot envelopes for candidates under the first-past-the-post
system will be white, and those for candidates under the proportional
system will be beige. The CEC emblem will be depicted on the envelopes.

CEC chairman Garegin Azaryan said that the commission had passed
a decision on the procedure of entering data on the results of
voting. The chairpersons of all regional electoral commissions
will have to enter the results of vote counting into a nationwide
database. However, Azaryan said, in Yerevan, the old data transferring
system (using transport means) will be used because Yerevan is not
connected to the computer network. After the records arrive, the data
for Yerevan will be entered into the database too, Azaryan said.

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