NKR President Arkady Ghoukassian’s Address To Nagorno-Karabakh Repub


DeFacto Agency, Armenia
Feb 21 2007

Dear citizens of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic!

Today I again have to address you in connection with the current
Presidential elections to be held in the NKR. Unfortunately, some
mass media of the Nagorno-Karabagh and Armenia go on speculating on
my possible nomination for the Presidency, however, the issue was
closed long ago. In part, some forces are trying to present my last
year’s statement on expedience of the Acting President’s reelection
to the third term from the political and moral viewpoints as a game
that had allegedly been planned to dull public opinion. Such actions
can just harm the image of the Nagorno-Karabagh as a state adherent
to the European values. Moreover, the speculations of the kind bring
unnecessary nervousness to our society and contribute to its split.

To avoid unhealthy false rumors concerning my intentions for the
future, last October I considered it necessary to make a statement
that would remove all the questions concerning my possible seeking
a third term.

However, a statement made by the NKR President was not enough for
some mass media and politician elements. They obviously believe
the President should confirm his denial to again ballot every day,
provoking him to make the steps of the kind by their insinuations.

Naturally, one can ignore the people’s unworthy conduct, but for the
fact that their actions harm our society.

The people resort to various actions to slander the President. Any
action in the state and outside immediately connected with my name
is presented as alleged confirmation of the Acting President’s hidden
intentions to again participate in the elections of the state’s head.

Meanwhile, every day the NKR ordinary citizens, the representatives
of various political organizations and NGOs, state employees, MPs, our
compatriots in Armenia, other countries, Artsakh’s friends abroad and
famous foreign diplomats, politicians, politologists, philanthropists
appeal to the President to stand for the Presidency at the forthcoming
Presidential elections. However, the President, who respects himself,
cannot speak one thing today and another thing tomorrow. Expressing
deep gratitude to all the citizens of our Republic and our friends
abroad, who support internal and foreign policy I pursue I again
state I will not run for President.

However, being aware of the conduct of political speculators and mass
media that serve them I am almost sure my statement will not terminate
unhealthy talks on the subject. Nothing can be done about it: we seem
to deal with the cureless disease. I am just sorry for the people.

I repeat again: the most precious value for me is high international
image of my Motherland – the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, without which
the NKR’s recognition by the international community is impossible.

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