Mediators Call on Parties to Reject Initiatives That Harm Negotiats.

Mediators call on parties to refuse from initiatives that can harm the
negotiation process
16.02.2007 15:32

The OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs urge the parties to the Karabakh
conflict to refuse from initiatives, including those in the framework
of the UN General Assembly, which can harm the positive developments in
the negotiation process achieved during the last months.

The joint statement notes that on 14 and 15 February Co-Chars of the
OSCE Minsk Group Yuri Merzlyakov, Bernard Fassier and Matthew Bryza met
in Paris at the presence of the Personal Representative of the OSCE
Chairman-in-Office Andrzej Kasprzyk. The Co-Chairs expressed hope that
the parties will not miss the opportunity they have achieved during the
last few months of negotiations, and the Foreign Ministers of Armenia
and Azerbaijan will meet in the near future to eliminate the
disagreements on the basic principles of the future peace treaty.

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