NKR: Expecting Good Things

Anahit Gabrielian

Azat Artsakh Daily, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh [NKR]
15 Feb 07

The director of Women Resource Center of Yerevan L. Aharonian and a
group of members of the Center visited Shushi a few days ago to open
a branch of the NGO there, study the problems of women in Artsakh
and help them. At Narekatsi Arts Center the members of the NGO
met with a group of women of the town, and told about the projects
they will be implementing in Shushi. The meeting began with short
films about the violation of women’s rights. After each film the
participants expressed their opinion and compared what they saw with
their reality and suggested ways how to overcome the problem. Most
participants endorsed equality and men and women but almost everyone
underlined the advantages of our customs. The center will open a
library in Shushi to help women who choose self-education to acquire
professional skills. Free Internet will help get information about
modern science and technology and connect with every part of the
world. Women will also get doctor’s advice and prescribed medicine free
of charge. Trainings on human rights, healthy reproduction, women’s
health, and women’s problems will be held. During the seminars the
opinion of Artsakh women on different phenomena will become known, as
well as their problems and the ways of solving them. The psychologist
of the center will help women and children who went through the
war. Every month the members of the center will visit Shushi for three
days. During these visits a doctor, a psychologist and a dietician
will consult for free. The members of the youth club will meet with
high-school and university students and deliver lectures on sexual
health, family problems, discrimination in family and at work. Today
the reconstruction of Shushi is more than urgent, and every initiative
is precious, independent from the size of the contribution.

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