Republican Party Of Armenia Is A Corporative Union, Hovhannes Hovhan


Noyan Tapan
Feb 13 2007

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 13, NOYAN TAPAN. The Armenian opposition should
unite into several blocs at the parliamentary elections, as in case of
coming up with a united front it will become more vulnerable for the
authorities. Hovhannes Hovhannisian, Chairman of Liberal-Progressive
Party of Armenia, gave assurance at the February 13 press
conference. In his words, the party’s recent proposal on opposition
forces’ leaders’ nominating their candidatures by majoritarian system,
too, was not unanimously accepted by the latters. Nevertheless, as he
forecast, oppositionists will make "3-4 fronts for the sake of holding
of free and fair elections and formation of a normal social system." He
said that the Liberal-Progressive Party of Armenia will be involved in
one of these fronts. In H. Hovhannisian’s words, in developed countries
of the world the opposition comes to power through democratic elections
and principle of programs’ competition and the authorities become an
opposition unless they justified themselves. But in Armenia, as the
LPPA Chairman stated, the picture is different: instead of confessing
their mistakes and faults, the authorities think about reproducing
themselves at any price. It was also mentioned that for the purpose of
reproduction of the authorities, according to the "tradition" formed
over the recent years in Armenia, artificial political unions and
organizations are created on the eve of the elections: among these
unions are Shamiram party created formerly and current Bargavach
Hayastan (Prosperous Armenia) Party. In H. Hovhannisian’s words,
the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) is not a political structure
by its current nature and content. "RPA is a corporative union of
rich people," LPPA Chairman said adding that inside this party the
political factor gave up its place to the material one.

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