Mystery Of "Pakagits" Weekly


[04:35 pm] 06 February, 2007

It is already two months the verdict on the case "Agap hrat" LTD was
brought under which the defendant was to pay 9 million 48 000 AMD to
the plaintiff. But so far no money has been paid.

At first Daniel Tanyan, member of the Democracy and Labour Party,
represented the interests of the plaintiff but during the legal
procedure he passed his responsibilities to Martoun Ivanyan during
the trial.

Under the court verdict, "Agap hrat" LTD was to pay 9 million 48
000 AMD to Martoun Ivanyan. The company didn’t appeal the verdict,
the decision of the court of First Instance was put into force and
currently the Compulsory Executive Offices are concerned with the
matter. But CEO takes no serious measures as "Agap hrat" LTD is
attempting to shift the economic matter into the political field",
complains Nerses Haroutyunyan, advocate of the plaintiff.

He assures that Daniel Tanyan signed some contracts with the publishing
house suggesting their services and the company agreed to pay 7
million 350 000 AMD in return.

In the words of the advocate, penalties have been imposed after the
verdict was brought, under which the total sum reached 9 million
48 000 AMD. "De facto, "Agap hrat" LTD admitted its liabilities,
gave corresponding testimonies, and only afterwards an action was
brought". By the way, the representatives of the Compulsory Executive
Offices "surrounded" the Pastark Club. To note, Agapi Haykazouni,
the head of the club, claimed that they had no liabilities and she
didn’t know anyone with the name Daniel Tanyan. But according to
Nerses Haroutyunyan, Agapi knows Daniel Tanyan perfectly well and
signed contracts with him.

Nerses Haroutyunyan says that they have applied to the CEO in January
but "no steps have been taken so far".

By the way, Agapi Haykazouni, head of "Agap hrat" LTD and "Pakagits"
weekly, informed A1+ that she is not going to implement the court
decision and pay the debts as she finds the documents submitted by
the plaintiff to the court groundless and false.

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