BAKU: "Zerkalo": Decision Of US Congress To Cause Tension


Ïðaâî Âûaîða, Azerbaijan
Democratic Azerbaijan
Feb 6 2007

If Congressmen take anti-Turkish position concerning "genocide of
Armenians" "Issue of the so-called "genocide" may be discussed in US
Senate and Houses of Representatives. But if decision against Turkey
taken it will cause tension". Accordingly to "Trend" Ambassador of
Turkey to Azerbaijan, Hussein Avni Karslioglu, informed it. He said
that Turkey takes necessary measures to prevent such tension and
believes that it won’t occure. Asked whether official Ankara will
manage to stop military and economic relations with Washington if Us
Congress recognizes the so-called "genocide of Armenians" Ambassador
refused to comment.

We should remind that after France recognition of "Armenian genocide"
Turkey stopped military cooperation with that country.

Ambassador spoke of situation in Kerkuk. He said that Turkey warned
its allies and USA that events in Kerkuk may cause serious problems.

Hussein Avni Karslioglu touched possibility of appointment of military
man of Turkey as deputy minister of defense of Azerbaijan.

Hussein Avni Karslioglu assured that these talks are not in line
with reality.

Speaking of time of transfer of Turkish Embassy to newly built building
he said that last works are still under way in building. But yet it
is not known whether some Turkish leaders will partake in opening

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