Attempt Is Made To Deprive Constitutional Right Union Of Right Of Pa


Noyan Tapan
Feb 06 2007

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 6, NOYAN TAPAN. "We estimate the pursuits being
implemented days before the elections against the Constitutional
Right Union (CRU) party, political and public figures, particularly
Zhirayr Sefilian and a number of other devoters as a pre-electoral
terror initiated by the authorities."

This is said in the statement adopted by the CRU at the February
3 18th congress. Hayk Babukhanian, elected the party chairman as
a result of the elections of the previous congress (September 16,
2006), made this public at the February 5 press conference.

In his words, all these what is being done against the party, has one
goal: to deprive the CRU as one of the most healthy and capable forces
of the possibility of participation in the parliamentary elections,
and the "Iravunk" (Right) newspaper of the possibility to cover the
process of the elections.

H.Babukhanian mentioned that on January 31 the RA Appeal Court,
satisfying the claim of a number of members of the CRU chaimanship,
made a shameful decision as it made an attempt to interfere in the
inner affairs of the party with that verdict. In his words, they
will appeal the verdict at the Court of Cassations and has already
addressed to international instances. H.Babukhanian also mentioned
that "threats and blackmail are continuously being carried out against
the party, and criminal crimes are being committed against the party
members." An address was prepared on that occasion which will be sent
to the RA Prosecutor’s General Office.

In H.Babukhanian’s words, "Hrant Khachatrian’s and his co-thinkers’
goal is that the CRU does not present pre-electoral lists on February
26 and automatically remains out of the pre-electoral process."

The CRU chairmanship statement was spread on the same day on the
occasion of the February 3 congress. The statement was signed by Hrant
Khachatrian, Karen Vardanian, Sedrak Vardanian and Hrayr Khachatrian.

They remind that on February 1 "the criminal group headed by
H.Babukhanian laid obstacles on the way of legally elected CRU
Chairman Hrant Khachatrian and chairmanship members as well as about
five dozens of CRU members to implement their commissions according
to the regulations, enclosing the CRU office.

It is mentioned that "on February 3, making an attempt to disorientate
the public opinion and continuing his illegal activity, H.Babukhanian,
uniting few dozens of people of the same criminal group, named it
the CRU 18th congress."

In the statement authors’ words, in the consequence of the decision
made by the Appeal Court, all the memberships and expulsions from
the party after September 16, 2006, are considered invalid as those
decisions were not affirmed by the CRU legal chairmanship. "All
the decisions of the self-styled chairmanship and representatives’
council headed by Babukhanian, including his presenting himself as
the CRU Chairman, are also recognized illegal and invalid," is said
in the statement signed by H.Khachatrian.

By the way, to recap, none of the representatives of the mass media
invited to H.Babukhanian’s press conference was aware about the CRU
February 3 congress, not having got invitation of covering it.

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