The reality makes Turkey nervous

The reality makes Turkey nervous
29.01.2007 13:39

It’s only the Turkish Parliament that can adopt a decision on opening
the border with Armenia, Igdir Governor Saffet Karahisarli told the
journalists, commenting on the statements on the possibility of opening
the Armenian-Turkish border, which passes through Igdir, Trend agency

Expressing his opinion on the opportunity of opening the
Armenian-Turkish border, Saffet Karahisarli emphasized the importance
of friendly steps by Armenia. He added that that `first of all Armenia
should stop the pressure EU member states and other countries to
recognize the Armenian Genocide.’ `It makes Turkey even more nervous
and does not promote the restoration of trust between the two peoples,’
said the Turkish Governor. In his words, Armenia should reconsider its
negative attitude towards Turkey, which can lead to the activation of
trade-economic relations, which will primarily benefit Armenia.

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