With its efficiency Armenian Army in one line with strongest armies


With its efficiency Armenian Army is in one line with strongest armies in world
27.01.2007 15:36 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Armenian President Robert Kocharian, Parliament
Speaker Tigran Torosyan, PM Andranik Margaryan, Defense Minister Serzh
Sargsyan, NKR President Arkadi Ghukassian, NKR Defense Army Minister
Seyran Ohanyan, Armenian Prosecutor General, the Armenian Police
Chief, the head of National Security Service, other high ranking
officials, ministers, participants of Artsakh war attended pantheon of
Karabakh War Heroes in `Erablur’ January 27. They paid tribute to
those who have died during the Artsakh war, laid wreaths on the
memorial. `Every time we come here and pay tribute to those who went
to protect the fatherland on those fatal days. I am sure that if a
necessity occurs to perish life for the sake of the fatherland, our
guys will fight and protect our country,’ stated Serzh Sargsyan,
adding that Armenian recruits are ready to perish their lives for the
fatherland. Serzh Sargsyan also stressed that the peculiarity of the
Armenian Army is the fact that a lot of officers have war experience.

NKR Defense Minister Lieutenant-General Seyran Ohanyan underlined that
the 15-year way, which the Armenian Army has passed, was full of
various events. `The army was formed with joint efforts of the
Armenian nation during military actions, and if we look at it from
tactical point of view, rather mobile troops were formed,’ he
thinks. In his words, Unity and responsibility of the Armenian nation
allowed to increase the efficiency of the Armenian Army in a short
period of time after the cease-fire, to restore the loses and increase
the efficiency of the Armenian Army. `The achievement of those 15
years is not only the fact that we could win, but also the fact that
during a very short period of time we could reach the current level we
have in the army, which can compete with the countries in the region
with its efficiency and is in one level with the strongest armies in
the world,’ Seyran Ohanyan underlined. `We pass the next generation
all the skills and experience, which were obtained during military
actions during 15 years. I am sure they will be more skilful and
active ready than we are,’ concluded Seyran Ohanyan, IA Regnum

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