ANKARA: Armenia calls for improvement in Turkey ties

Turkish Daily News
Jan 22 2007

Armenia calls for improvement in Turkey ties
Monday, January 22, 2007

ANKARA – Turkish Daily News

Armenian Defense Minister Serzh Sarkisyan has repeated calls to the
Turkish government for improvement in Turkish-Armenian relations,
reported the private NTV news channel on Saturday. "We must establish
ties with Turkey with no preconditions," he said.

EU presidency condemns the murder

The German presidency of the European Union said on Saturday it was
shocked and "appalled" by the "abominable killing" of Turkish-Armenian
journalist Hrant Dink. "He always strove to present a balanced
picture and avoided provoking confrontations. He staunchly supported
the democratic reforms in Turkey," the EU presidency statement said
adding, "as a result, Hrant Dink was held in high esteem in various
sections of Turkish society, as well as in Europe."

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