Hacking Of Internet Site Of Azerbaijan Public TV Studied


Yerevan, January 22. ArmInfo. "We are investigating who and where
the internet site of the public TV of Azerbaijan has been broken,
the technical employee of the site, Jahid Kazimov, informed TREND.

He stated that on January 22nd at 09:45, the server was hacked into
and the activity of the site was terminated. According to Kazimov,
direct hacking of Public TV had not taken place. It is considered
that the site has been purposefully broken because the emblem of
Armenia had been placed on the site of the Public TV.

Kazimov stressed that the security of the site had been ensured at a
high level because the TV channel co-operates with the world popular
internet portal YAHOO. "Only after inspecting the server, we will
discover the emptiness and clear up these problems. In my opinion,
it may have been hacked by Russian supporters of Armenia. We have
begun investigations and will determine which country the hackers
came from. All have been done to clear away because material against
the Armenian had been placed on the site. Activities of the site will
be restored at the end of the day." Kazimov said.

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