Spain: Suspect caught: Arrested the man who killed the journalist

EiTB, Spain
Jan 21 2007

Arrested the man who killed the Turkish-Armenian journalist

Police detained the man suspected of killing journalist Hrant Dink in
Turkey, Istanbul Gov. Muammer Guler announced Saturday.

Ogun Samas The suspect was caught on a bus in the Black Sea city of
Samsun after a tip-off from his father, Guler said. He was apparently
on his way back from Istanbul to his home town of Trabzon. Earlier,
police had identified the suspect as Ogun Samas and distributed his
picture to the media.

Guler said the suspect was born in 1990, making him a minor, 16 or 17
years old. He said the suspect was being brought back to Istanbul
along with six other suspects from Trabzon for questioning. The
arrest comes just 32 hours after Dink, an ethnic Armenian and editor
of the bilingual Turkish-Armenian newspaper Agos, was killed by a
gunman outside his office in Istanbul, provoking shock and
embarrassment at home and outrage abroad.

Guler said police were investigating whether the suspect acted alone
or had ties to a group.

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