ANTELIAS: HH Aram I receives Christian-Muslim Dialogue Cmte members

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"The co-existence of religions, cultures and communities is not merely a
characteristic of Lebanon; it is the very basis of this country. All aspects
and manifestations of Lebanon, including its political system and
governance, reflect this uniqueness of Lebanon. In fact, 17 communities have
committed to live together and make Lebanon their permanent homeland. Any
attempt that jeopardizes this particularity of Lebanon must be defeated with
common resolve", said His Holiness Aram I to the Christian-Muslim Committee
of Dialogue who met him at the Catholicosate of Cilicia in Antelias.

Referring to the prevailing political crisis in Lebanon, Catholicos Aram I
expressed his deep concern. He said: "The continuation of this crisis is
unacceptable. People cannot tolerate anymore this situation. Economy is
going down, poverty is gaining ground and the absence of dialogue is giving
way to mistrust. It looks that we are in a vicious circle".

For Aram I dialogue is a must: "Those elected by the people to govern this
country do not have the right to paralyze the country and create an
atmosphere of uncertainty. They must dialogue instead of accusing each
other, and decide what is best for Lebanon. History will judge our actions".

His Holiness said that beyond provisional arrangements, "we need to
articulate clearly our future vision of Lebanon. This country cannot be used
from time to time for the battle-field of others’ interests and projects. We
must re-affirm our own identity, integrity, sovereignty; and in order to do
that we must deepen our internal unity. The salvation of Lebanon is here
within ourselves and not outside of Lebanon".

His Holiness expressed his great appreciation for the work of the
Christian-Muslim Dialogue Committee; "This is a country of dialogue.
Dialogue is integral to our daily life. Dialogue generates mutual
understanding and trust, tolerance and consensus which must constitute the
basis and the guiding principle of the governance in Lebanon", concluded
Catholicos Aram I.

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The Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia is one of the two Catholicosates of
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