Communist Chief Advocates Closer Ties with Russia


Jan 15 2007

YEREVAN, JANUARY 15, ARMENPRESS: The leader of the Armenian Communist
Party Ruben Tovmasian claimed today to have the largest army of
supporters, saying also it will not seek an alliance with other
political forces in order to contest the next parliamentary elections,
slated for May.

Speaking to a news conference Mr. Tovmasian said his party received
proposals of forming alliances from some opposition forces, but added,
" We need not to form alliances as our electorate will not betray us."

Mr. Tovmasian claimed that 530,000 pensioners, "who fought for the
Communist Party and continue to trust it, will give their ballots
to it."

"Our ultimate goal is to go to parliament and to present to the
Armenian nation our lofty ideas and give it a chance to make their
choice," he said.

The Communist chief said his party will struggle for making health and
education free and for nationalization of such industries as mining,
production of alcoholic drinks, bread and import of cigarettes.

The chief Communist then commended Russia’s drive to take control
of several strategic industry branches in Armenia as "Russia is the
only friendly country of Armenia and the only defender of Armenians’
interests in the whole world."

"I am not saying that Armenia must sacrifice its independence, but
we think that a union of all former Soviet republics should be made,
void of all previous mistakes," he concluded.

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