Where Transparency Starts


Lragir, Armenia
Dec 27 2006

Even the lazy are speaking about a transparent election, because
speaking about a fair, free and transparent election does not take
much effort. Meanwhile, nobody has made real efforts for holding such
an election. And against this background what the Central Electoral
Commission has done can be considered as an unprecedented expression
of political will.

The sign in front of the building of the Central Electoral Committee
indicating the existence of the Commission is transparent. This
fact cannot be called otherwise but an oath of loyalty to the idea
of transparency. It should not be excluded, however, that this is
a tactical ruse. For instance, the international observers come to
observe the work of the CEC. In front of the building they discover
suddenly that the transparency of the CEC is so much that it has spilt
over the building. Naturally, the observers who are an embodiment
of rational thinking will decide not to waste time on observing this
temple of transparency.

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